• The Best STEM Instructors for Your Kids

    At Blue Studios, we make sure that there’s something for every child to explore.

    Children can experience the full range of STEM—from botany to microbiology, to aerospace engineering, you name it.

    That's why we recruit the best instructors to engage your child in a variety of hands-on STEM experiences.

    5:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

    Our small class sizes give our instructors more opportunities to observe and assess your student's learning style and ensure that your child stays engaged and develops a deep understanding of the content.

    Thoroughly Vetted

    Everyone can't become an instructor at Blue Studios.

    In addition to passing criminal background checks, we look for STEM professionals who are engaging, dependable, great communicators, have strong subject matter expertise and are patient.

    Expertly Trained

    Blue Studios instructors are trained in research-based teaching methodologies. Topics include: best practices in elementary and secondary STEM education, classroom tools and techniques for nurturing STEM interest, aptitude and knowledge, eliminating implicit and gender bias, understanding math and science anxiety and its impact on a child’s STEM trajectory.

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