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  • How Our Classes Work

    Choose Your Adventure

    We give parents the power to choose from a variety of STEM classes and subjects that your child can engage in, and we're constantly adding new STEM subjects and experiences into our class rotation.

    Flexible Schedule

    You choose your schedule: from how many classes you want to take per month to which days that you would like to come in for class. If you need to change a day, not a problem! Just schedule your classes using our mobile app or through our online member portal. We also send reminders every month to make sure you remember to schedule your classes.

    Sequential Learning

    We provide the benefits of flexible and sequential learning in a variety of STEM subjects. We ensure that our instructors are aware of where your student left off and the next project to complete that will continue to engage your student in that specific subject area. We make sure you know what your student is learning and what's next. See our coding pathway as an example.

  • Check Out Our Classes

    We rotate classes from week to week to ensure that our members can engage

    in a variety of STEM subjects to discover what type of STEM they are most passionate about.


    If you have any questions about how our classes work or how to craft your child's schedule, please contact us at (718) 858-4038.

  • Download Our Mobile App

    The Blue Studios mobile app is the easiest way to view and book classes, as well as manage your membership.


    Whether you're looking for STEM after school, weekend or summer programs, you should take advantage of a free trial STEM class at Blue Studios. A trial class is the best way to participate in the Blue Studios experience to see if our program is a good fit for your student.